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Title: Finding Nick
Author: gregsgirl89
Rating: PG for now
Pairing: Nick/Greg
Disclaimer: If they were mine, the show would resemble Brokeback Mountian
A/N: Unbetaed
Spoilers: Takes place after Grave danger and will probably take off from there

It had only been a week since Nick's kidnapping, buy he was back at work as chipper as could be. Greg watched on as Nick walked down the hall in those tight jeans of his. Greg blessed levi everyday he saw Nick.

"Hey Greg!" Nick came up to Greg pulling Greg out of his denim-clad dreams and into the real world.

"Oh, Hey Nick!" It's good to see you back at work already. Hey, I was wanting to tell you something..."

Just then Nick's pager went off.

"Sorry Greg, work calls. We'll talk later okay?"

"Ok, I better get back to work too."

As much as Greg hated to see Nick leave, he sure did enjoy the view.


Nick was in the next room and for once, Greg was greatful for the glass walls of the lab. Nick was bent over the table examining evidence. Greg decided that he wasn't going to sit around and wait for Nick to come to him.

Greg slowly got up from his seat ing the lab and walked to the next room. He walked through the doors and came up behind Nick and wrapped his hands around Nick's back. Nick looked up and stared into Greg's eyes, not with the angry look Greg was expecting, but a look of compassion.


"Don't talk Nick," Greg said as he covered Nick's lips with his finger. "Meet me at The Fishouse for dinner tonight at six."

With that, Greg walked out of the lab, leaving a very stunned Nick behind.
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