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Ok so hopping on the moodtheme making-bandwagon, I made a Eric/Ryan from CSI:Miami moodtheme
Image hosting by Photobucket

1 - Save the .zip file to your own server and unzip it. Upload the pictures onto your server or a site such as Photobucket.

2 - Go to Admin Console and enter the following:

moodtheme_create "gregsgirl89 eric_ryan_moodtheme" "Eric/Ryan moods"

Click "Execute" and make sure you write down the number you're given, since that's your mood theme's ID.

3 - Open up the text file (moodthemecode). Where you see "Your," replace that with the address where your files are, starting after the http:// and ending before the /and the filename. Where you see 1234, insert the ID number you were given for this moodtheme.

4 - Go to where you select your moodtheme and select the theme. And then...enjoy!

Tell me what ya'll want to see next.

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