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I'm going to be reposting some stuff so this is my reposting of something. LOL

Title: Sunday Mornings
Author: gresgirl89
rating: PG
notes: written for 30_kisses theme #8- Our own world
Summary: Nick always loved Sunday morninigs
Pairing: Nick/Greg

Nick had always known that there would only be one man in his life that would be able to have his heart for the rest of his life. But the man he found was the last person he suspected it to be.

Nick loved how he could expect every Sunday Greg would be up making breakfast for the two of them. Greg had always been like this, cooking, cleaning, and always making sure Nick had everything he needed.

Nick woke up and smelled the sweet smell of maple bacon in the air. He got out of bed, and put a pair of sweatpants on. Walking into the kitchen, Nicked saw that Greg was wearing his 'kiss the cook' apron. Not even trying to resist his feelings or the growing buldge in his pants, he walked up Greg and kissed him on the back of his neck. Nick knew what this did to Greg, and Greg's reaction proved him correct; Greg stopped what he was doing and turned around to kiss Nick. Their kisses started to build, until they heard the smoke detector and remembered their breakfast. Greg took the bacon off of the burner and served breakfast.

Nick had always loved Sundays, because they could ignore the outside world and spend the day in their own world.

So what did ya'll think?

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